Recruitment at Oh Puhleeez Branding Agency

Recruitment at Oh Puhleeez Branding Agency
Recruitment at Oh Puhleeez Branding Agency

Recruitment at Oh Puhleeez Branding Agency

Recruitment at Oh Puhleeez Branding Agency

Oh Puhleeez Branding Agency Headquartered in Delhi caters to its partners with Premium Branding Services including TV Commercial Ads, Youtube Ads etc.. 

Oh! Puhleeez Branding Agency. Is having the following positions and job vacancies that they  are recruiting for:

They have several exciting job positions available at Oh! Puhleeez Branding Agency, and are enthusiastic about the prospect of finding talented individuals to join their team. Here is a brief overview of the positions:

  • Business Development Executive (BDE):

Responsibilities: Identifying new business opportunities, developing and maintaining client relationships, and contributing to the growth of our agency.

  • Human Resources:

Responsibilities: Managing HR functions, recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations.

  • Academic Counselor:

Responsibilities: Advising and counseling students on academic and career choices.

  • Web Developer:

Responsibilities: Designing and developing web applications and ensuring their functionality.

  • Graphic Designer/Video Editor:

Responsibilities: Designing and developing graphic and media content.

  • Digital Marketing Executive:

Responsibilities: Drive and optimize digital marketing campaigns, focusing on SEO, SEM, social media, and email.

Salary packages would range along the lines of these figures:

-Business Development Executive – upto 6 LPA

-Human Resources – upto 4 LPA

-Academic Counselor – upto 5 LPA

-Graphic Designer – upto 5 LPA

-Web Developer – upto 5 LPA

-Video Editor – upto 5 LPA

-Digital Marketing Executive – upto 5 LPA

During the probationary period, which will be of 6 months, the performance of the students will be evaluated; candidates will receive a salary of 1.5 LPA during this probationary period. After this period, the salary will be adjusted based on their performance and the specific requirements of the position, with the potential to earn up to 6 LPA.

These positions offer fantastic opportunities for you  to embark on successful and rewarding careers in our agency. We look forward to meeting the talented individuals from your institution during the recruitment drive and discovering the next generation of professionals to join Oh! Puhleeez Branding Agency.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Kunal Khatana of Oh! Puhleeez Branding Agency at  8750187051.

Thank you for your time and consideration. You can apply through the Google form:

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