Recruitment Indian Institute of Jodhpur IIT Jodhpur

Recruitment Indian Institute of Jodhpur IIT Jodhpur

Indian Institute of Jodhpur (IIT Jodhpur) invites online applications from Indian and Foreign Nationals with exceptional academic record, relevant teaching experience, excellent research record and valuable industrial experience for full-time faculty positions of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor to conduct teaching and research in the following Departments.
  (1) Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering;
  (2) Department of Chemical Engineering;
  (3) Department of Chemistry;
  (4) Department of Civil Engineering;
  (5) Department of Computer Science & Engineering;
  (6) Department of Electrical Engineering;
  (7) Department of Humanities & Social Sciences;
  (8) Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering;
  (9) Department of Mathematics;
  (10) Department of Mechanical Engineering; and
  (11) Department of Physics.
The Institute cordially invites interested candidates to consider choosing IIT Jodhpur as their venue to realize their dream to serve the nation, through their competencies that would help to address the technology grand challenges of the nation. Persons with exceptional academic and research record in other areas of Engineering and Sciences also are invited to apply.
Please download
Welcome to Prospective Applicants for Faculty Positions at IIT Jodhpur!!
and share it with all interested and potential applicants for faculty positions at IIT Jodhpur.
The Institute invites applications for full-time Faculty Positions at all three levels, namely, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. Interested persons are invited to apply using online portal.





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